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Bali Garden


At Bali Garden WELLNESS we believe that creativity, mindful movement and a supportive nurturing environment are integral to inspire, heal and thrive.


Our bespoke studio is situated in Matakana, just 50 minutes north of Auckland. Set within a 9 hectare tranquil Balinese inspired garden, complete with meditation areas, Balinese Bale and gorgeous palm enclaves. The studio space is available for hosting workshops or day retreats that bring like-minded people together in a more unique and intimate way.

Book your next event at Bali Garden WELLNESS and experience the peaceful serenity of our grounds that will transport your guests to the lush tropics of Bali. 


Our point of difference?

We are facilitators, not dictated to by one-size fits all, so we can interchange practitioners, highlight the strengths of your team and address the particular requirements of your clients.


Talk to us about what your vision is for your next event or book a time to view our slice of paradise. We’re excited to share this unique and special place with experienced health and wellness practitioners and offer a healing space for our community and those looking to relax and reset from their busy lives.



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QI and Tea with
Wilhemeena Monroe

WHEN: Tuesdays 9.30-11am
WHERE: Bali Garden Studio

Breathe, Move and BE in a small group under the palms. Practice this ancient and amazing form of qi gong, energy medicine, with a beautiful tea ceremony afterwards.

A GREAT way to stay connected, calm and cool over this summer melt-down.

Qi Gong is the new super-power. These forms are powerful ways of stabalizing, grounding, connecting, opening and re-energizing our systems. If ever we needed ninja powers it is right now and Elemental Alchemy QI GONG practice helps you begin to unlock and unload the things that are draining our qi/life-force and helping us tap into the eternal spring of life that is available for everyone.

G + T’s are so last century - tap in to QI + TEA - for eternal life-force awesomeness!!!



$20 per class or $45 for all four!




Body Love Yoga Retreat
Freedom & Joy
with Niki Loe + Olivia Maquire

 Sunday 19th June 2022

9am - 1pm

$169 limited spaces

 9-1030am: Yoga Glow Class:

A Myofascial Master class, with Niki




 in the Bali Garden



Massage & Melt Class

with Olivia




Guided Yoga Nidra, with Olivia 


12.30pm-1pm: The neuroscience of joy 

& take home tips for a heart-driven life, with Niki

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Elemental Alchemy - (Qi Gong + Energy Medicine Training) - Water
with Wilhemeena Monroe

WHEN: Saturday 25th June 10am - To Sunday 26th 5pm

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio


This module explores the Element of Water. We dive deep into our watery soma, our emotions, taking us deeper into unchartered territory to open us up to more freedom. This module is about replenishment and REST. And is perfect for our wintery wonderland approaching.

We will look at finding flow and accessing our Jing (deep primal life-force). We will be looking at the properties of Water found in Nature and learning how they manifest in the body. We will tune into the Kidneys and Bladder bringing healing and resourcing as well supporting our emotional body through movement forms and meditations that support the Water Element. This module supports deep replenishment and REST - allowing our bodies to nourish, unwind and be deeply resourced.

WHEN: Friday 22nd July ~ 7pm to 9pm

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio


After our amazing Divine Mother Cacao temple with Mother Mary in May - our second in this series honors Saint Mary Magdelene.

Step into the Divine Feminine energy and open to the mentorship and sacred energies of this divine feminine leader.

A beautiful way to spend a cozy evening.

Join us with a snuggly blanket, your journal, an open heart, in ceremony and sound. Magic happens in these circles, we can't wait to be with you there.

Spaces are strictly limited so please book well in advance

WHEN: Saturday 30th July 10am - Sunday 31st 5pm

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio

The Alchemy of the Five Elements

Working and being with all five elements we work our way through the Shen and Ko cycles, we discover how the seasons and elements work together, how to balance the elements, which element we identify most with and where we might be depleted or less-identified. We look at how we can balance our own personality and body systems using the Shen and Ko cycles and the elements to develop a self-healing way of utilising all the elements for the fullest sense of wellbeing. We come together with the guidance and nature of the alchemist and begin our journey towards inner transformation.