These beautiful eco-luxe candles are made in Byron Bay by sisters and co-founders Kaitlyn & Lyla in their adorable 1960’s caravan studio (the wandering craftsvan).


Each week they collect recycled glass bottles which they then cut, clean and polish. the candles are then hand poured in small batches using 100% gmo-free pure soy wax, all natural lead-free wicks and high quality fragrance oils. All candles come with a dustcover and box, both recyclable. 


Net weight approx 600g (21oz)

Burn time: approx. 60+ hours (First burn recommended for 2 hours to allow wax to melt to the edges of the vessel. 

Handmade cut & poured in Byron Bay, Australia.

Please reuse your vessels, just wash out the leftover wax resudue and you can reuse your candle as a water glass, a planter, to hold your nicknacks or any number of things, get creative! 


Seven scents to choose from; 


Muse - Grapefruit + eucalyptus + lemon

Paradise Found - Coconut + vanilla + almond

Hold On Let Go - Burnt fig + cassis

Inhale Love - Gardenia + peony + lychee

Today I am - Cucumber + basil

Into The Woods - Taboacco leaf + hay

Hearts on Fire - Garden rose 

The Wandering Craftsman Candles