Coconut pots made from the trunk of a coconut tree, various sizes available. This is a natural product and the flaws are intrinsic to the design, and add to the textural warmth of these beautifully unique decor additions. These are able to be used either indoors or outdoors, however, in use outdoors they will gain an aged quality.


Colour: Natural

Material: Coconut trunk base (approximate measurements)

SML $200 - 400H x 440W - Brown

MED $250 - 500H x 520W - Black

MED $250 - 500H x 600W - Brown

LGE $300- 600H x 570W -  Brown

LGE $300- 600H x 520W -  Black

XL $350 - 700H x 630W 


PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is in addition to the cost price and can be quoted for you independantly. Please contact us via email to obtain a quote. Due to the weight of this item we recommend delivery on anything larger than the small. Shipping is available nationwide. 

Coconut Pots