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Wellness Workshops & Retreats

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​WHEN: Monday 10th April 

Monday 24th April

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio

Crystal Sound Meditation with Amanda Jane


Whether you're new to meditation or have a well established practice, this self guided meditation experience will be unique.  

Sound therapy has now been proven scientifically to assist with healing from stress, pain, depression & many other imbalances we can experience. Using sound therapy to deepen your meditation practice can be immensely calming & enjoyable.  Use the power of sound to enhance your meditation practice or simply come along to rest & bathe your energy field in the healing qualities of sound.

After welcoming & opening the space, Amanda will refrain from speaking & play a combination of crystal sound bowls attuned to the 7 chakras along with tuning forks for a duration of the session.


For more information please visit


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Day Retreat Nourish - Mind - Body - Soul


Ashlee Randovan

These women wellness day retreats are designed to nourish you on all levels  - mind, body, soul. They are a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and come home

to you. 


Each retreat will include a beautiful blend of women's circle, yoga, meditation & breath-work, sound journey and more. A workshop will be based around a certain topic which will vary each retreat,  but always centered on women's holistic wellness. There will be time to reflect, journal, share, and connect back with yourself and that inner voice, and to connect with other like minded women.  Delicious nourishing whole foods & herbal teas will be provided throughout the day. 


From the moment you arrive in the lush Bali gardens - surrounded in nature, you can slow down, breathe and just BE. All you need to do is arrive and be present, and let me wrap you up and take care of you and all the rest. Leave feeling a renewed sense of calm, balance and empowerment. I can’t wait to share this magic with you. 

For more info please visit

WHEN: Saturday 13th May 2023

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio & Outdoor Yoga Shala​


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Thursday 20th April

Sunday 7th May

Sunday 21 May

Monday 17th July

Wednesday 2nd August

Wednesday 16th August

Friday 1st September 

Friday 15th September

Monday 27th November

Wednesday 13th December

WHERE: 7 - 9pm Bali Garden Studio 

COST: $45. 00

For more information click here 




Wednesday 3rd May - Sunday 7th May

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio ​

This 5 day immersion will give you a glimpse into this very powerful way of being and will give you an insight into the full teachers training starting in August.

It is an immersion into the powerful work of SOUL + SOMA, it is the pre-requisite for the full training and can be used as part of the first module of training OR can stand alone as a beautiful immersion into divine presence and healing practice for you own personal journey.

For more information please visit 

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Saturday 20th May 10- 5pm

Bali Garden Studio & Outdoor Yoga Shala​

Jen is offering 2 special Day Retreats this Summer;


February: Intentions & Rituals - The Curvylicious Yoga Way

* Ditch the New Year's resolutions, learn another way!

* Luscious day retreat with do-able relaxing Yoga

* Intention setting and ritual creation



March -  Embracing 'the change'  - The Curvylicious Yoga Way

* It can be magical, not miserable.

* Learn ways to: accept, balance, support and  nourish during

Pre-menopause and  beyond.

* Embrace the change with...Curvylicious Body Peace Yoga with Jen and        

 Naturopathy with special guest, Naturopath, Coryn Smith


Give yourself a whole day to focus on you. Beginner and  experienced friendly, accessible yoga. All is welcome and catered for - disability, injury, creaks and niggles, wobbles and all.

Your Investment of $179 includes: 

  • Expert guidance into do-able Yoga poses, breathing, meditation and divine relaxation

  • An empowering and reflective intentions/creating rituals workshop

  • a yummy lunch

  • connection with other awesome women

  • some giggles & sweet treats!


Beginner and experienced welcomed and catered for.


Jen's yoga is accessible, variations are always offered so all bodies can take part.

For more information and to book click below  


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Saturday 16th April 2023

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio + Outdoor Yoga Shala

Weekend mini retreats (day workshops) are held throughout the year at Bali Garden. This is an opportunity for you to escape the busyness of your everyday life and have some time completely for YOU. Time to rest, and restore, participating in guided meditations and mindfulness practices to fully relax the body and still the mind. Delicious vegetarian food is provided and plenty of down time for you to spend as you choose . The retreats are exclusively for women, so a great opportunity to meet like minded women and form new friendships.

The weekend retreats will include guided meditations, mindfulness practices, nature/ beach walks, Cacao and fire ceremonies. Each retreat is different as various practitioners are invited to either provided restorative yoga and sound healing. During the retreats you will be taken on an inward journey to fully connect with yourself and in doing so rediscover your true and divine essence. Claire will guide and support you throughout the whole retreat.

For more information and upcoming retreat dates click here 


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When: Thursday 27th April, 4th May, 11th, 18th 2023

6.00pm - 7.30pm

Where: Bali Garden Studio

This workshop is intended as a reset. There will be 4 sessions of 90 minutes each week which will include: an introduction using personal development tools (intention setting and phrasing, gratitude and joy practices); yoga posture for stress relief to prepare the body to receive the benefits of yoga nidra practice; 50/60 minutes of yoga nidra. This will be a closed group so there will be no newcomers after the first session. Each session will have a different introduction practice and yoga nidra journey. 

Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique in which you learn to consciously relax, it is a state of dynamic sleep. Similarly to meditation, both hemisphere of your brain communicate during yoga nidra. 

In practice, you will be lying down on your back in shavasana, the corpse pose, and Pauline will guide you through a systematic relaxation, moving your awareness inward. Your body will be completely relaxed while you remain deeply aware. 
The Yoga Nidra state will induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Other benefits include improved sleep, memory and creativity and the possibility to transform one’s nature by the use of the Sankalpa – an intention. It is like compost for a seed of intention to be planted in the mind for personal growth and spiritual development. Yoga Nidra is an aspect of Pratyahara - the withdrawal of the senses and the 5th limb of Raja Yoga.

Contact Pauline for booking and more information -

Phone: 022 3909750


Pauline has a MA in Clinical Psychology from Belgium, a 900 hours RYT training from India, and has been practicing yoga for 15 years. 

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Saturday 21st May 2023

10am - 1.30pm

WHERE: Bali Garden Studio

This workshop is the perfect space to be nourished, bond with your baby and connect with other mums; while gaining practical information on pregnancy, birth, and motherhood..

Over the morning we will explore yoga, postures, birth breathing, baby positioning, art, gentle dance movements, a deep relaxation and practical preparations for birth and life with a newborn ; in a beautiful supportive environment with plenty of delicious organic snacks, drinks and cake!

For more information click here.

Bookings essential as space is limited. Please contact 

Rebecca - 027 407 0079

Email -


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When: 3rd June, 2023 Saturday 10.30am - 4.15pm

Where: Bali Garden Studio

If you ever wanted to do a yoga retreat in Southeast Asia but couldn't walk away from your busy schedule, this is your opportunity to have a taste of Southeast Asia at your doorstep! This is a one-of-a-kind day retreat experience in beautiful Bali Garden, Matakana, a handy 50-min drive from north of Auckland.


Nothing beats starting our winter with 'A Day in Southeast Asia' - a full cultural and yoga immersion. Get a chance to connect with like-minded souls, recharge our mind and body in nature. This is the perfect time for you to slow down and just BE.


What's included:

Cultural immersion

Mindfulness Meditation & pranayama

Gentle Slow Flow

Authentic Indonesian/Malaysian lunch

Plenty of time to explore beautiful Bali Garden

Introduction to Batik Art - your chance to be creative!

Authentic Indonesian/Malaysian dessert

Restorative yin

Homemade essential oil blends

Massage balls

Sound Healing


In order to provide the best experience for our retreat participants, our numbers are limited.

About your Host:

Susze is a full-time mindfulness facilitator and yoga teacher based in Auckland. She loves crafting her own retreats where she gets to bring a little bit of her Southeast Asia culture in her mindfulness and yoga workshops/retreats/events that she facilitates.

Enquires please email:

Phone: 021 188 3483

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