Robyn Alexander Founder and creative behind Bali Garden

Robyn’s journey to create Bali Garden was an organic one, spanning many years of travel to exotic locations, a love of design and a want to embrace and share a space with likeminded people.

Robyn started her career in the corporate world working for accountants and financial advisors in the busy London sector, however this did not satisfy her creative spirit and on return to New Zealand she embarked on a new and more fulfilling direction. In the 1990’s Robyn enrolled in the well-established and highly enlightening Nanette Cameron School of Interior Design and followed this up with further short courses through Unitec in Garden Design. It was gardening that proved to be the medium for which she could fulfill her creative yearnings.

Robyn created the garden now known as Bali Garden in 2011 at her and her husband’s property in Matakana. The idea of operating a retail and importing business from this site was more an accident than well planned management. On a return trip to a wedding in Java – via Bali – she packed a container full of beautiful Balinese artisan items and thus Bali Garden NZ was born.

The garden became a therapeutic experience for her and energy and creativity flowed and was directed through the many spaces that now make up Bali Garden NZ – A retail space showcasing many Balinese artisans, and where she supports small family business’ on the ‘Island of the Gods’

A large lush palm enclave housing a Bale (Gazebo) and enjoyed by the many workshops and weddings held within it.